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Romania is one of the last European countries, which holds large untouched natural wilderness. Its marvellous biological diversity is the result of the wide variety of natural habitats. From the endless reed beds of the Danube Delta to the untouched high-mountain forests of the Carpathians, from the dry steppes of Dobrogea to the magnificent gorges and mystical bog marshes of Transylvania you can find an almost infinite variety of natural areas.
Romania at the same time is a swiftly developing country which can satisfy the expectations of everyone, from the low budget backpacker, to the tourist with more luxurious expectations. Its rich, multicultural culinary heritage, which includes the flavourful products of its famous wine cellars, will sweeten the days spent here.
Visiting Romania with Hobby Tours provides you:
  • Easy and comfortable birdwatching that can be enjoyed by everyone – young and young at heart
  • Experienced field ornithologist leaders with strong conservation ethics and background
  • The advantage of having two leaders (for teams bigger than 5 persons) and the involvement of local experts
  • Carefully timed and placed tours – all year round
  • Flexible itineraries to ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from your holiday
  • Personalised tours upon your request

Our guides:

Marton A., Kelemen MSc. - I was borned in 1974, married, father of 2 children. I've graduated the Eötvös Lóránt University of Sciences of Budapest as biologist. I'm dealing with birds since my childhood, presently working on different bird and nature conservation programmes in the non-governmental sector and as a birdwatching guide.

Tamas, Papp – I was borned in 1975, I'm married, I have a daughter. I've graduated Babes Bolyai University of Sciences of Cluj as a biologist. I've been interested in nature and trying to do nature conservation all my life. Presently, I'm so lucky to work in nature-conservation at an Ngo and as a bird-guide.

Imre, Simo - I was borned in 1973, I am married and have 2 children, field ornitologist I graduated the Biological University of Cluj presently I am working as a birdwatching guide and teacher of biology.